SINCLAIR v  SINCLAIR was a 1969 Kansas Supreme Court
decision. Limited details only. Robert Sinclair and Hazel
Sinclair had been married for approximately twenty years,
when Robert Sinclair was granted a divorce in February
1968.  Custody of their two children, Gary and David, ages
18 and 13, was granted to Robert Sinclair.  The trial court
granted the divorce to Robert Sinclair on the grounds of
gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty, resulting from
Hazel Sinclair's recent obsession with her new Jehovah's
Witnesses religion.  WatchTower doctrines noted in the trial
record included prohibition against blood transfsusions, and
the belief that Armageddon would occur in 1975.  Hazel
Sinclair appealed.

The Supreme Court of Kansas affirmed, holding:

"2. The religious zeal of a spouse may be carried to such
lengths that domestic harmony is completely disrupted and
the legitimate ends of matrimony destroyed, with the result
that the life of the complaining spouse is rendered
intolerable. Such conduct characterizes behavior
amounting to extreme cruelty and also may constitute
gross neglect of duty within the purview of our divorce
statute ... .


"4. The paramount consideration of the court in custody
cases between parents is the welfare and best interests of
the children. In the absence of abuse of sound judicial
discretion the trial court's determination of custody will be
upheld on appeal.
"5. The record is examined in a divorce action where the
wife became so obsessed with her religious beliefs and
activities as a Jehovah's Witness that her conduct
competely disrupted family life and she neglected her
duties as a wife and mother, and it is held, the trial court did
not err in (1) granting the husband a divorce on the grounds
of extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty; (2) the
division of property and alimony award; and (3) awarding
custody of the minor children to the husband."
Jehovah's Witnesses Lose in Court-Often....