BOOTH v. BOOTH was a 2004 New York appellate court
decision. Ronald Booth and Loida Booth are the divorced
parents of three children. The lower court awarded Ronald
Booth sole custody, with Loida Booth receiving limited
visitation excluding overnight stays.

Loida Booth had been diagnosed with depression and
paranoia, but she refused to acknowledge that diagnosis or
to obtain treatment for her mental condition. Loida Booth
received disability income for that mental condition. (That is
curious given the fact that SSA typically requires a history
of diagnosis plus treatment to qualify.) The lower court also
permitted Loida Booth, who is an active Jehovah's Witness
to take the children with her to services at her local
Kingdom Hall. However, Loida Booth was specifically
prohibited from taking the children with her when she went
out in "field service", or door-to-door recruiting. The
appellate court stated: "Contrary to the contention of
petitioner, the court did not thereby infringe upon her
constitutional rights inasmuch as there was no interference
with her own religious practices. ... Contrary to the further
contention of petitioner, the evidence established that it
was not in the best interests of the children to accompany
her to the homes of strangers."
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