"The Beast Book"

Jehovah's Witnesses & The United Nations- What the Watchtower Won't Tell You

William H. Bowen

Jehovah’s Witnesses as a religion have long established their belief of separateness from the world.  The purpose of this
publication is neither to condemn or commend but simply to relay the factual evidence regarding how they came to be affiliated
with the United Nations.  The information presented is the result of my personal collection of material during the “crisis” of the
organization trying to explain their position to members with the mountain of evidence that was accumulated to show the extent of
their association.  What was my reason for doing so?  As a second generation Jehovah’s Witness I was keenly interested in what
was really going on.  As a faithful member it was disturbing in the 1990’s to see articles in the publications of the Watchtower
seeming to support or have a less harsh opinion of the United Nations.  According to the belief I was raised with, the United
Nations was one of the key agents of Satan that would be used to bring about Armageddon or the end of the world as we knew it.
I recall pointing out to a few close friends the seeming hypocrisy in condemning the United Nations as the “Wild Beast” in one
article and then in another discussing how the UN ideals are helping the world. I did not understand the reasons why this was
happening, but as faithful members often say, “Just wait in Jehovah” and in time the matter will be cleared up.  As an elder in the
organization I did not know how I would answer a member of the congregation if asked about this topic.  In time as I became
familiar with the issue of how abuse was covered up in the organization it started me on a path of researching why things were
the way they are.  About ten months after resigning as an elder over the child abuse issue, the United Nations scandal broke wide
open in October of 2001.  While I was still a Jehovah’s Witness member in good standing and very busy dealing with the abuse
issues, the details of the UN scandal fascinated me.  So without making any public comment I started collecting material from my
personal research and the work of others.  I put together a notebook I humorously called the “Beast Book.”  The “Beast Book”
grew as the years passed and the evidence mounted, it helped me to have a collective picture of what was really going

on and also brought some interesting and disturbing conclusions.  Included in this material is my personal correspondence with
the United Nations that finally clarified the truth of the public explanation offered to members of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.  
This material gives a detailed explanation of the doctrine, history of association, extent of association, excuses and explanations,
as well as final conclusions of what my opinion came to be in this matter.  

For anyone seeking to understand the story or do research this material should be of interest.  For me personally there is no intent
to put Jehovah’s Witnesses in a bad light.  There are many good people in the organization that are trying to practice their beliefs
as they understand them to be.  They might simply want to review the research and form their own conclusion based on the facts
presented.  With regard to others they may struggle to understand why things are the way

they are and need to find some type of closure.  The material presented herein can be of assistance to both groups to see a more
complete picture of why Jehovah’s Witnesses were listed as an NGO (United Nations -Non Governmental Organization) for nine
years.  Hopefully it can help you the reader to have an informed conclusion and a much larger perspective of why this happened
and what it means.

What is the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses with regard to the United Nations?

Jehovah’s Witnesses have long standing issues related to being loyal to the organization. For those reasons we offer a word of
caution.  The material within is a metaphorical “Pandora’s Box” as it relates to the understandings you have gained as a member
of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Certain ones that have contacted us over the years were completely shocked to discover when they in
good faith went to their elders and presented their research on this matter, they were immediately disfellowshipped.  For those
reasons we would suggest that this is for your personal review and not to share it with any of your friends or family in the
organization.  If you do there is a chance they could report you to the elders and you find yourself before a judicial committee.  
Victims of this circumstance have reported they were given the option to renounce all their research and simply say they would
never speak of it to anyone on the organization.  If they would do this they would receive “public reproof” and congregational
restrictions.  This is a type of probationary period that generally lasts for about a year, in which the recipient cannot,

1. Give talks.

2. Say prayers before the congregation.

3. Make comments at the meetings.  

Each of these “restrictions” are removed one at a time as you show submission and progress to accepting the counsel you were
offered.  If during this time you digress and ignore the “counsel” then you could be brought up on charges and then

We hope this helps the reader to see the importance of being careful on how they use the enclosed material.  Help yourself get a
clearer picture but be careful who you share this information with in the religion, as it can cause you or your family to be
ostracized by the organization.  This same principle would prove true if you are not a JW and have family members within the
religion.  If they are not interested or do not want to do research, simply let the matter rest, if not, you will quickly be labeled as
an apostate and all conversation will end.  This material is for those that wish to learn and understand why and how all these
things happened, for those that do not it is nothing more than an irritant.

So with the above disclaimer we ask the question, what is the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses with regard to the United
Nations?  The United Nations is called the “Wild Beast” by the JW interpretation of the book or Revelation.  How do we know
this?  The "Beast Book" gives a complete expose of the scandalous way members were misrepresented the facts by leadership of
Jehovah's Witnesses.  Get your copy now to see for yourself!   
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