1. Submit your information on the Affidavit form.
2. We will place your information on a Affidavit and convert it to PDF format.*
3. We will send the PDF back to you in an email.
4. Sign completed affidavit and have it notarized.
5. Send completed Affidavit to PO Box 311, Calvert City, KY 42029

*Information maybe edited for spelling and content.

The U.S. Justice Department has been made aware of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
use of the Custody Brochure and blatant disregard for the law regarding perjury.  
We wish to compile a number of affidavits that address the three key areas that
children are harmed developmentally by the beliefs and practices of Jehovah’s

The purpose is to use this information in the courts to show why children should
not be brought up in the JW theology due to the emotional and mental anguish it
causes. We need you to compile your experience as a JW child and comments
as to how your normal growth and development was inhibited.  This information
will be used to protect children and we ask your permission to use freely in the
courts to defend the rights of children to a normal life.
We are asking for help from anyone who can write an affidavit (Personal, written,
notarized statement) regarding their personal knowledge or experience of the

1. Medical issues- Blood and how you were affected: why you believed in not
taking blood as well as if you are any family member suffered loss due to the
blood doctrine.
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2. Alienation from non-JW family members including parents and siblings-how
and why you or family members made a choice to not have normal relations as
well as how non JW members were viewed by adults and children who practiced
the faith.
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3. Isolation from society- How and why you personally were affected as a child by
the beliefs about worldly associations, school activities, higher education,
careers, patriotism, interaction with people outside the organization as a whole.  
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4. Theocratic Warfare-Your personal belief as a Jehovah’s Witness about being
truthful and your actions if you felt your beliefs or religion was being threatened in
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Please pass this information along to anyone who may be able
to help.  We will continue to collect cases and affidavits from
as many sources as possible.  The action you take can assist a
child to have a normal life.  We ask that you be aware that by
signing a notarized affidavit it will not require your presence in
court.  It will help present the facts to juries and judges around
the world to help them see how children are harmed by the
practices of this religion.  

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Thanking you in advance...
Help Us Help Children