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Jehovah’s Witnesses are known internationally for prolific litigation in the
USA and international courts.  In the 1940’s Jehovah’s Witnesses fought
and won over 43 cases that were brought before the Supreme Court
establishing the rights of their religious practices.  

The most recent case was a 2003 favorable Supreme Court ruling against a small town in
Stratton Ohio. You can read it here;


When members have attempted to sue over shunning they typically were bullied into silence
using their volunteer legal team with unlimited donated funds to fight their court battles. See this
link for further explanation
[click here].

Watchtower maintains a staff of fourteen or more lawyers that have one purpose and that is to
win at all costs.  In custody battles involving Jehovah’s Witness children the non-JW parents
often discover the following happening to them.

1. Restraining orders filed under false information to obtain temporary sole custody.

2. Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to court in large numbers to offer negative
testimony to sour the  reputation of the non-JW parent.

3. Fabricated testimony to win at all costs with no fear of the legal system.

Tens of thousands of non-JW parents have discovered too late they do not know what they
are up against when Watchtower Attorneys get involved in custody cases.  Typical law firms
are unfamiliar with the complicated structure of the Jehovah’s Witness religion as well as the
strategies and ploys used by Watchtower Lawyers to drive up court costs and make a
mockery of the court process.

Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse life saving medical treatment when a child’s life is threatened.  
Statistics show that over 130 Jehovah’s Witness children die each year for not receiving blood

Jehovah’s Witness doctrine requires a member or their children to die rather receive a blood
transfusion.  It can be dangerous being a child of Jehovah's Witnesses. As a parent, you are
required to deny your child a life-saving blood transfusion. You are even instructed to keep them
out of hospitals which may give one. Many children have died because of their parents' beliefs. In
the past, Jehovah's Witnesses were forbidden organ transplant:  even vaccinations! For detailed
information about JW polices on blood
[click here].  

Jehovah’s Witness children are under severe restrictions which isolate them from non-Jehovah's
Witness children. Jehovah's Witnesses parents deprive their children of many physically and
emotionally health opportunities in life. As a Jehovah's Witnesses parent, you will forbid your
child from:

Celebrating birthdays and all holidays;
After-school sports with non-Jehovah's Witnesses kids;
Joining a hobby or club;
Playing little league baseball;
Joining the YMCA; self defense courses;
Voting in school elections, saluting the flag;
Attending school dances and even dating, except for marriage.

When a religion advises a member parent to prejudice a child, using slander and “end times”
judgment to pronounce all non-JW family members as evil, it is crippling mentally and
emotionally for a child in this circumstance.

The saddest moments for JWCC are when tearful parents call and say they wish they had known
about our services.  Their children are lost into cult indoctrination and now view them as agents
of Satan.   

Theocratic Warfare Strategy License to Lie

Read an experience of how Jehovah's Witnesses treat former family
members [click here].

Watch actual court testimony of an Elder lying in court

Read details of Canada blood issues in this article

French Government holds hearing regarding JW's

Watch video of how JW's operate

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