How to Prepare your
Child Custody Case

Thank you for your interest in child custody
issues involving Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The
following information is designed to assist in
successfully helping you prepare your child
custody case.  The information contained within
should help you to have a working knowledge of
what you are up against when dealing with
Jehovah’s Witnesses in child custody battles.  

Included in this kit;

1. The current (most on the internet are outdated)
child custody handbook used by Jehovah’s
Witnesses to discredit the non-JW parent in the

2. Key video material to assist you in
understanding doctrinal issues that should be a
factor in the well being and emotional
development of your child.  

3. Information on “Theocratic Warfare” helps the
reader to see that Jehovah’s Witnesses routinely
will be untruthful before the court to cause a
biased judgment in their favor.  

4. The “Advanced Blood Directive” is a must to
assist a caring parent in offering counter legal
documents to protect their child in the event of a
medical emergency.  

5. Extensive case history of JW custody cases to
educate your attorney on what you need to do to
build your case.

6. Actual Body of Elder letters that instruct them
how to assist the JW member to beat you in court.

7. New JW convention videos that show the latest
practices on how they alienate your children from

8. How to obtain legal assistance for as little as

9. Actual court testimony showing how children's
minds are manipulated.

10. Psychology testimony on the effect of JW
lifestyle on children.

11. See new Caleb and Sofia cartoon videos used
by Jehovah's Witnesses to manipulate children.

We are happy to assist with information on how to
position yourself to win custody of your child and
prevent them from experiencing the
developmental harm that results when they are
forced to comply with Jehovah’s Witness

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If you have questions
after reviewing:

We can assist you to vastly increase your chance
of winning in court.  Contact if you would like
further information on how to retain our services
for complete assistance with your case we can
provide a content expert and child alienation
experts to testify in court.  We will provide you
with CV and Retention Letter to successfully
protect your children.

If you have any questions JW Child Custody has
an extensive seventy-year library and experience
in consulting on JW legal issues.  You can reach
us at 800-762-9227 or email us at   

If you wish to obtain  documentation for preparing
your own case contact us for further
Child Custody Information