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Trouble in France


Just to let you know that we are all once again on the all the
radios and all the tv channels due to a governement report
made public today on "Children victims of sectes " also
entitled as " the stolen childhood". They want to protect the
innocent children all of whom are victims of J-W parents and
other dangerous sects.

Among other things , we are acused of disrupting public order
by refusing blood transfusions for our kids, not letting them
socialize and develop normally using psychological control.
Apparently , children of J-W's are very afraid of the up and
coming apocalypse.

They have of course mixed us up with other sects who do not
vaccinate their children or take them to the doctor, or go to
school and who are kept isolated from the outside world.

We are also accused of frightening and traumatising children
into believing that the world they live in is very evil and thus
contributing to their inability to integrate society normally. One
example: In one small part of a report send to the goverment it
was said that JW's kids would walk head down and closely
along the walls in schools because they were so socially
disfunctional and were only allowed to read religious material
at home. Can you just imagine!

There is a whole lot of things they were saying which were half
truths so that the public could easily make up the other half but
most of it was just lies.There's lots of negative stuff. These
same few persons who have been trying to cause us trouble
over the last few years have proposed some 40 actions to the
goverment to help protect children of dangerous sects. We
were saying between oursleves that all we now need is the
purple triangle on our chest!

The bethel is very busy as you can imagine and we've had the
brothers already speaking on T.V and so did the Bethel's

This latest persecution is on top of the millions of euros they
say we owe them (the 60% of all contributions given over x
years), they made it sound as if we were very dishonest when
no other associations have had this tax imposed on them. Let
us not forget the problems we are still having with the
authorities with the contruction of an assembly hall in our area.
People even said that their houses would lose in value if this
dangerous sect were to have an assembly hall, they were very
worried for the safety of their families! This was also in the
paper and with pictures of people who had put up for "sales
signs" on their houses because they were so unhappy about
the prospect of winesses coming close to their village.

I believe that tonight at the meeting we'll have a special letter
read to address this latest attack.

I'll let you know what happens as it does, as you can imagine
we are all praying really hard for Jehovah to help and guide us
but we're not overly worried as we know is behind it all and
what the eventual outcome will be.

Well, lots of kisses to all and catch up with you soon,

(Personal letter from sister in france)