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The Silent War That Kills Families

Today we hear of many conflicts being fought around the world that claim the
lives of many innocents.  The most insidious part of any war is when the lives of
innocent children are at stake.  In any society the most precious commodity is
the protection of future generations from harm in their childhood.  In America
there is a war that is destroying the lives of thousands of children each day.  No
one seems to care as it is a silent war of mind control.  Why would mind control
be considered the destruction of a child?  A child mind is impressionable and
they respond to the environment around them and act accordingly.  Especially
when a parent is involved makes the control much stronger.   

There are approximately one thousand court battles fought each year over child
custody involving Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They are a doomsday sect that
believes the end of the world is coming at any second in which God will
exterminate every human on the face of the earth with the exception of
exceptional Jehovah’s Witnesses.  What makes a Jehovah’s Witness?  

Jehovah’s Witnesses make up one of the wealthiest publishing corporations in
the world known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The “Watchtower”
takes in over one billion dollars in tax exempt dollars, pays no salaries, and tells
members if they do not distribute literature every single month, God will surely
exterminate them at Armageddon.  This type of mind control creates a slave
labor mentality in which to receive salvation you must “preach the good news of
the kingdom” or in other words sell books or God kills you.  According to
Church theology you cannot start quick enough and children are indoctrinated
from childbirth that as early as age four they must start selling book for God to
give them mercy.  

This doctrine also requires that the child forgo having a normal life.  You see,
anything outside the religion is going to be destroyed by God so all non
members including family must be avoided as “bad association”.  Children are
told the world is ruled by Satan and they are to be no part of the world that is
soon to be eradicated by God on judgment day.  So friendships are to be
avoided with anyone outside the religion.  In addition, no holidays, birthdays,
school sports. Clubs, boy scouts, FFA, or anything that puts the child in contact
with anyone outside the religion must be avoided.  Higher education is viewed a
more bad association that is displeasing to God. As a result most JW children
are encouraged to drop out of school to have more time to sell books and few
achieve having a high school diploma.  

Jehovah’s Witnesses are also anti government, teaching that the governments
are controlled by Satan and not to be trusted so any activity associated with
nationalism is strictly avoided.  This would include joining the military, ROTC,
Scouts, Saluting the flag, participation in any political affair.  This makes the
child in fear of anything to do with the government.   

Finally there is the issue of medical care.  Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret the
Bible to say any blood transfusion is a sin in which God will kill you.  As a result
hundreds of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses have needlessly died due to
following this edict.  The same rule applies to children and no parent who is a
member would willfully take action to save their child’s life if blood transfusion
was the answer.  They teach it would be better to allow the child to die as they
will be resurrected into a paradise earth as a favor for being faithful.  

So in this twisted world of mind control children live in terror on a day to day
basis.  Fear of being killed by God for making any kind of mistake on all the
guidelines above would be difficult if both parents were active members.  But
what happens if the parents split over religious differences and divorce?  The
child is then put into a meat grinder mentally and emotionally.  While the non
member parent may just want to raise the child with a normal life that most
children have, the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe this is the equivalent of putting
the child before a firing squad and certain death at the hands of the vindictive
God they are taught to believe.  So for the member parent it literally becomes a
matter of life and death in which if they lose custody they think they have killed
their child to Satan’s World.  

As a result Jehovah’s Witnesses have at their home office a formidable legal
team of fourteen lawyers on staff to deal primarily with custody battles.  They
take a vow of poverty to go to any court in which a custody issue is raised and
teach members how to follow yet another doctrine they use called “Theocratic
Warfare Strategy”.  TWS is a fairly simple formula that states “the truth is only
given to those that are entitled to know”.  That means going to court is a holy
war in which misinformation, and outright perjury will be used extensively to
distort what is in the best interests of the child and prevent the non member
parent from having primary custody.  With the child under the control of the
member parent they will be taught to follow the doctrine that all things outside
the religion are part of Satan including the non member parent and thus not to
be trusted in any way.  Any involvement in any activity outside the JW religion is
viewed as association with Satan’s World that is doomed to destruction.  

To show how this is reinforced an article written in the 12/1/12 issue of the
Watchtower (monthly magazine of Jehovah’s Witnesses) on pages 30-31 under
the Subtitle, “Teach Your Children” it shows how children are riddled with guilt
if they in any way support the non member parent. The article tells the story of
Uzziah that was punished by God by being stricken with Leprosy and of his son
Jotham that remained faithful to God.  Do you see where they are going with
this?  The article has sections that required the member parent to stop and ask
the child a question.  For example; Do you know what Jothem did them? What if
your father or mother stopped serving Jehovah?  That would make it very hard
for you, wouldn't’t it? What about you would you keep serving Jehovah if your
father or mother did not?   Who do you think wants you to quit serving
Jehovah? Do we need to be afraid of Satan?.  

Each of these questions is designed to program the child to oppose at all costs
any efforts of the non member parent to help the child have a more normal life
that most children do.  The child is riddled with fear and guilt, fear of serving
Satan and guilt for not pleasing Jehovah and becoming a book distributor for
the corporation.  

In the article they quote a scripture Psalm 27:10. David wrote here: “In case my
own father and my own mother did leave me, even Jehovah himself would take
me up.”

The thought from the scripture is if David was abandoned by his parents then
God would still be with him.  Yet in the article the following statement is made;
“Think about
this: What the Bible is saying is that if David’s father, Jesse, or his mother
should stop serving Jehovah, David would keep on serving Him.”    This is a
complete turning of the scripture to fit their agenda of turning a child against its
non member parent.  Even more insidious is the question following to ask the
child. “What about you would you keep serving Jehovah if your father or mother
did not?”  

How would you feel if you knew your ex husband or wife was reading this article
to your child about you?  Yet this goes on as a practice within Jehovah’s
Witnesses on a regular basis.  It puts the child in the middle of being torn apart
emotionally while the religion uses God as a club to beat them away from
sharing their life with the non member parent.  

In the article to demonize the situation even further it shows a picture of a non
member parent smoking a cigarette (a disfellowshipping (excommunication)
offense in JWs) and watching violence in television while his child is shown
turning away and reading a Jehovah’s Witness publication.  

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Can you now understand why there are over 1,000 custody cases fought with
Jehovah’s witnesses each year.  Sadly in most cases the non member parent
loses unless they employ a careful strategy to show what is being done to the
child and what is really in the child’s best interests to have a normal life.

I hope this information is helpful to understand this silent war that has
destroyed thousands of families around the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Education
and understanding is the only way to help those facing this type of situation and
perhaps to save the life of a child being faced with this.  If you would like further
information see to learn more about how to help kids.