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Nelson Mandela – Agent of Satan?

Nelson Mandela recently passed away.  He is lionized as a fighter for human rights, Nobel Prize winner and
as a person that stood up for what was right. Interestingly his background is tied to Jehovah’s Witnesses a
small religion of around seven million members worldwide.  

The story goes something like this, Mandela married his first wife, Evelyn Mase in 1944, the same year he
co-founded the African National Congress Youth League.

She would confess to Fatima Meer that "I think I loved him the first time I saw him." Working as a nurse, she
supported him as he completed his law studies. Their first years together as newlyweds sounded like
typical marital bliss — bathing their three babies and cooking together. But Evelyn soon became resentful
of her husband's increasingly noticeable absences.

Anthony Sampson, a close friend of Mandela and his official biographer, claims that he was a charismatic
"ladies man" and even flaunted his female "political colleagues" in front of Evelyn. "There was another
woman and this one started coming home, walking into our bedroom, following him into the bathroom,"
Evelyn claimed. "I declared that I would not allow it." Rumor has it that Mandela fathered an illegitimate son
by his secretary, Ruth Mompati, around this time. They finally divorced in 1958 and she returned to the
Transkei where she ran a shop. In a later interview, she remarked bitterly, "How can a man who has
committed adultery and left his wife and children be Christ? The whole world worships Nelson too much.
He is only a man." .  

They went on to have four children together one of which died after nine months.  Somewhere in the early
1950’s Evelyn converted to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.  This conversion spelled the end of their
marriage.  Why?  Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that the end of the world is coming and all that are not
Jehovah’s Witnesses will be destroyed by God.  This is a core teaching they have preached for 150 years.  
In interviews Mrs. Mandela stated:

Ms. Mandela, a member of the Jehovah's Witness denomination, separated from Mr. Mandela in 1955
after what her husband described in his autobiography, ''Long Walk to Freedom,'' as an irreconcilable
conflict between politics and religion.’

In another,

There was a strong lobby within the African National Congress circles for Mr. Mandela to remarry her,
but Sister Evelyn stood her ground that she did not consider remarriage and above all her former
husband is not a worshipper of Jehovah like herself.’

Why was this so important to Evelyn?  Jehovah’s Witnesses have a core teaching that anyone outside of
their religion is an agent of Satan or part of Satan’s World.  This “world” is soon to be destroyed by Jehovah
at any minute.  The only way to survive this mass destruction is to sell books for the Watchtower
Corporation.  Any person not selling books for Watchtower at Armageddon will immediately be killed by
Jehovah as the chief executioner.

Note the following quotes from The 2013 District Convention talk this summer delivered internationally to
all members.

“You cannot be partaking at the table of Jehovah and the table of demons. These inspired words of the
apostle Paul found at 1 Corinthians 10:21 show that two figurative tables are set before us. For the last
day-and-a-half, you have been partaking at the table of Truth of Jehovah and haven’t you found it to be
good? Jehovah uses human representatives, the faithful and appointed elders to dispense truths for
those eating at his table. The apostate Satan disseminates falsehoods in a similar way.  He mimics
Jehovah by using human representatives. Who are they? If Satan and his demons are chefs in his evil
kitchen then human apostates are his helpers. “

“Human apostates have sat at the table of Jehovah… and partook of Bible truth, prepared and
dispensed by the faithful steward, the Governing Body. But they pushed away from the table of
Jehovah. Their preference is to partake of falsehoods at the table of demons. This action of pushing
themselves away from the table of Jehovah is described for us at 1 John 2: 19 (They went out of us, for
they were not of our sort…).”

“Apostates do not drift away from the truth. They deliberately decide to go out from among God’s
people because they are not our sort. Human apostates are part of the seed of the serpent spoken of in
Genesis 3:15.”

So according to this sermon Mr. Mandela by refusing to join Jehovah’s Witnesses and  choosing to push
away from the table of Jehovah by not becoming a member with his wife, made himself part of Satan’s
World or as described in this case an “apostate” or “Satan’s Helper”.  As stated earlier it was one of the
reasons that their marriage ended and why Evelyn would never consider remarriage.  The belief is that all
persons outside of the JW organization will soon be destroyed by God.  Note the following quotes from
Watchtower literature.

*** w05 12/15 p. 29 par. 17 Now Is the Time for Decisive Action ***
After false religion’s end, Jehovah God will turn his attention to all humans who make up the secular
parts of Satan’s world. These will also be destroyed, preparing the way for a righteous new world
Revelation 17:3-6; 19:19-21; 21:1-4.

*** w03 3/1 pp. 8-9 ‘Be Courageous and Strong!’ ***
Why Do We Have to Struggle?
3 The apostle John wrote: “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the
wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) …
.In this warfare, he uses humans who knowingly or unknowingly serve his
ends. It takes courage to stand firm against Satan and all his agents.

*** w88 3/1 p. 22 par. 19 Childbearing Among God’s People ***
19 Like Noah and his family,
we are also living in “a world of ungodly people.” (2 Peter 2:5) Like them, we
are in
“the last days” of a wicked system of things that is about to be destroyed.

*** w10 7/15 p. 3 par. 4 What Jehovah’s Day Will Reveal ***
4 The “earth” represents the world of mankind alienated from God. Such a world existed in Noah’s day and,
by divine decree, ended with the Flood. “By the same word the heavens and the earth that are now are
stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men.” (2
Pet. 3:7) Whereas the Flood destroyed the ungodly all at one time, the coming destruction will occur in
stages during “the great tribulation.” (Rev. 7:14) In the first phase of that tribulation, God will move the
political rulers of this world to destroy “Babylon the Great,” thus showing his contempt for that religious
harlot. (Rev. 17:5, 16; 18:8)
Then, in the war of Armageddon, the final phase of the great tribulation,
Jehovah himself will wipe out the rest of Satan’s world.
—Rev. 16:14, 16; 19:19-21.

So as we see Evelyn firmly believed her ex husband was apart of ‘Satan’s World’ or an ‘Agent of Satan’ or
perhaps better described as an ‘apostate’.  By his actions of rejecting becoming a book salesman for the
Watchtower Corporation Mr. Mandela by JW theology became an Agent of Satan doomed to be destroyed by
God at Armageddon as part of Satan’s World.

This same philosophy is played out thousands of times with thousands of marriages being dissolved for
this reason.  A spouse starts a bible study with JWs and soon after baptism will divorce the partner if they
refuse to become a member.  JWs employ fourteen lawyers on staff to coach members on how to win
custody battles by using perjury in the courts.  This is often extremely destructive to the mental and
emotional health of the children as well.  In the Mandela marriage none of their children survived their
parents. Note the following quote.

Both of Mandela's daughters from his first marriage were named Makazawie. The eldest died at nine
months and the next Makazawie was named in her honor. Madiba Thembikile (Thembi) was killed in a
car crash when he was 25 (1969) . Makgatho died of AIDS in 2005.”

Nelson Mandela remains an “agent of Satan” to his youngest sister. Sister Piliso, the youngest sister of
Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, has been a Jehovah’s Witness for twenty years.

In the end it shows how high control religion can devastate great people yet their work continues and brings
forth results.  Evelyn Mandela never approved of her husbands works as in her view he was working in
Satan’s World as one of His agents.  In her mind selling books for the Watchtower Corporation was going
to buy her a ticket into a paradise earth.   Well Evelyn died in 2004 and is in no paradise earth, Mandela
died in 2013 and the magnitude of this work stands as a testament for anyone with the courage to stand for
what is right and not be controlled by a greedy cult that needs to sell books.

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