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Five Things You Should Know if in a
Jehovah’s Witness Child Custody Case

It is estimated in the USA there are over one thousand custody cases
fought each year involving Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The organization has
increased to almost eight million members and custody litigation is only
going to grow as the organization expands.  Why do so many cases go to
court?  Jehovah’s Witnesses are a doomsday religion that believes the
end is coming at any moment.
 When that event occurs according to their
faith, every man, woman, and child including weak JWs, will be
exterminated by God, leaving only exceptional members to survive and
rebuild the decimated aftermath.   

So how does this affect children?  Members believe that allowing the child
to live or be influenced by a non member parent is a death sentence for
the child soon to be administered by God.  So for any Jehovah’s
Witness parent it is a matter of life and death to prevent the child from
being anything but a Jehovah’s Witness.  Something less is a certain
execution at the hands of God and as a result the parent will resort to any
means to do what ever they can to save their child.  With this scenario in
mind these are the five factors you must recognize if you are ever in such
a custody battle.

1.        Jehovah’s Witnesses have over a dozen lawyers on staff that have
taken a vow of poverty to assist any member in good standing to know
how to circumvent the legal system and win at all cost.  This advice and
assistance is free and for members gives them the license to run up
thousands of dollars in legal costs to drain the non member parent.

2.        Jehovah’s Witnesses have prepared a booklet, “Preparing for Child
Custody Disputes”.  This booklet teaches members how to perjure and
mislead the court as to the actual practices the child will be submitted to.  
They will also be informed of  
“Theocratic Warfare” this gives the member
‘Carte Blanc’ rights to say anything in order to win believing it is obeying
God over the instruction of man’s court.  JWs believe the entire world is
under the control of Satan including the governments and court; as a
result they are viewed as the enemy to be tricked in to doing what they
wish to accomplish.  

3.        Lawyers have no concept of what they are up against and proceed
to go through a learning curve in which they will be out maneuvered
legally over and over again.  The JW lawyers know exactly what they are
doing.  The non member parent as a result winds up paying for this legal
education that typically will cost them fifty to one hundred thousand
dollars before the local attorney understands what is really going on.

4.        The JW parent will be instructed to go easy on everything till the
final ruling.  They will allow participation in school activities, other
religions and holidays by the non member parent without making a fuss.  
The minute the final ruling happens, the door slams shut.  Children are
required to stop all association with anyone outside the religion, the non
member parent is demonized as a member of Satan’s World soon to be
destroyed by God, and the child is required to have total participation in
literature distribution with baptism as early as possible. (some cases have
been as early as age five)   
The child will be told the Jehovah is watching
them at all times and any time they even think of not following their
directives it means that God is going to execute them at any minute.  
Children often have panic attacks with non member parents.

5.        Expert Witnesses and guidance is the best way to increase your
chance of success.  When the non member parent has full custody,
control over religious instruction, and medical care.  The member parent is
relieved of responsibility by the court.  The religion will not pressure them
to kidnap the child or break court order and lose all contact as a result
both parents can focus on being parents instead of at war.  An Expert
Witness can educate your lawyer on the legal process JWs follow and
then help the court to see this is not about religion but instead the
endangerment of the normal development of the child.  When facts are
present clearly the child’s best interests will be served by full custody of
the non member parent. You will actually save thousands of dollars in
legal fees as you can focus on the foundation of the case instead of being
manipulated by JW lawyers.

These five factors have often been realized too late by non member
parents much to their chagrin.  After being exhausted of financial
resources and emotion many just give up.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses are
bullies that think they answer to God over the courts and view them as
part of Satan’s agents.  For those reasons it is imperative if you are ever
faced with a custody battle involving JWs to do your homework learn as
much as you can before going to court and follow specific guidelines to
give your child the best opportunity for a normal life.  One example of
preparation is the
“Child Custody Preparation Kit” offered by        inside are key components to vastly help you make
better decisions before you spend a lot of time, effort and money that you
can never get back.

Most parents want what is the very best for their child.  When you feel you
are losing that child by how they act toward you and just the look in their
eyes, it sets off an anger and panic to take action to protect them.  
Oftentimes this is when mistakes are made that can be very costly
financially and affect the outcome of the case.  So remember, keep a cool
head, and educate yourself as much as you can about what you are up
against.  Find a good local family law attorney that is agreeable to working
with experts and not afraid to look at practices associated with religion
that are detrimental to the child.

By taking the proper actions you will save yourself much money, grief,
wasted emotion, and energy. In the end you will give your child the best
chance at having a normal life without them having the fear of being
executed by God at any minute.  

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