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Boy, 7, taken away from his parents after judge
rules he has been damaged by his Jehovah's
Witness mother's religious beliefs

Judge Clifford puts child in care because of 'emotional harm' from mother
Social services in Leicester also fear boy damaged by rift between parents
Child told school he 'couldn't be with those who didn't believe in Jehovah'
Also attacked class materials for crucifixion project calling it 'lies'

PUBLISHED: 05:16 EST, 22 May 2015 | UPDATED: 07:32 EST, 22 May 2015

Ruling: Judge Clifford Bellamy, pictured, ruled the boy, 7, had suffered 'emotional harm' from his
Jehovah's Witness mother and decided he would be better off with foster parents

A Jehovah's Witness' seven-year-old son has been taken into care because she damaged him with her
'religious beliefs and practices', a family court judge has ruled.

Judge Clifford Bellamy concluded that the boy had suffered 'emotional harm' from his mother and
decided he would be better off with foster parents.

The young boy had been disruptive in school during lessons touching on Christianity, destroying
projects and calling bible stories lies, a court heard.

Social services also believed the unnamed little boy was also at the centre of a rift between his parents
so will no longer be living with either of them.

Detail of the case has emerged in a written ruling by the judge following a family court hearing in
Leicester but Judge Bellamy said no-one involved could be identified.

A member of staff at the youngster's school had told how the boy had said he 'could not be with people
who didn't believe in Jehovah', said the judge.

The little boy had cut up materials his class was using in an exercise about the 'Crucifixion story' and
had said, 'nobody's telling the true stories about Jehovah', the judge heard.

He had also 'presented as contemptuous, grimacing somewhat theatrically' when speaking about the
'non-Jehovah's Witness Bible'.

'I am satisfied that (he) has suffered emotional harm,' said Judge Bellamy.

'I am satisfied that the fact that (he) has been immersed by his mother in her religious beliefs and
practices has been a significant factor in causing that emotional harm.'

Hearing: The judge ruled at Leicester law courts, pictured, which also heard that the little boy has said
his father was 'really mean to me' and had said: 'I don't love daddy at all'

The judge said there were also concerns about the boy's relationship with his father.

He said the youngster had spoken of his father being 'really mean to me' and had said: 'I don't love
daddy at all.'

Social services staff had also thought the boy was being harmed by 'conflict' between his parents.
Judge Bellamy said he was satisfied that 'change' was required and that the youngster should be
placed with experienced foster carers.

He indicated that he would review the case later in the summer.

The boy's mother had not accepted that he had been harmed by 'immersion' in her religion and had
denied introducing him to her religion in a bid to alienate him from his father.